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  • Are you qualified for the position?

  • Is your CV up-to-date, coherent and in a suitable format? Check our CV writing guide here.

  • Does your letter of application present your skills that are required for the role?

  • Follow the instructions for sending your application and send the requested documents in the requested format.

No IB experience?

  • Read up on the programme you are applying for - there are a large number of (free) good resources available on the Internet

  • Sign up for an online workshop and get trained! Visit and find the appropriate training and invest in yourself!


By investing in your own professional development, you will be giving yourself the edge over applicants that are neither trained nor experienced in the programmes. 


Prepare yourself for the interview and show a commitment to your application. Interviewers are investing time in you and they expect the same.

Where are you applying?

  • Research the school, country and location


It really helps to have an understanding of the school and its context. It verifies that you have a genuine interest in the school and are not just applying for every vacancy you come across. You might also discover that the school is not a good fit for you and you can spare everyone the trouble of wasting time on an interview. 

It is important to also know what you are getting yourself into - location, benefits, working hours, etc. Breaking contract or struggling through a contract is detrimental to everyone involved. 

  • What curriculum frameworks do they have?

  • Number of students?

  • Number of contact hours you have with students 

Show the interviewer who you are

  • Be open and honest

  • Display the qualities needed for the role

  • Model the learner profile

  • What do you bring to the school? Qualities, expertise, extra-curricular activities etc.


Demonstrate understanding

  • use the correct and appropriate terminology to show you are versed in the programme you are applying to work in


We will keep updating this advice guide - so please feel free to mail suggestions to

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