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Who can advertise on IB School Jobs?

Only authorised or candidate IB schools.


How much does it cost to place a job advert? 

Please view our POST JOB page for any specials....our current rates are:


UNLIMITED Adverts USD 695.00 - 1 Year subscription


5 adverts - USD 550.00

4 adverts - USD 480.00

3 adverts - USD 390.00

2 adverts - USD 280.00

1 advert   - USD 150.00


How long are adverts visible?

Adverts are posted until they are filled/requested to be removed by the school. HOWEVER, adverts are listed for 60 days at time and will be automatically removed after the period, unless an extension is requested - no cost.


Do candidates pay anything?

No! Candidates do not pay to register or view our site.


How long does it take before our advert is visible?

Usually within 48 hrs of receiving your advert...during our office hours - Monday - Friday EST

What happens if we fill the position before the closing date?

Just mail us and we will remove the advert within 24 hrs of receiving your mail.

Can we advertise in a language other than English?

Yes! However, we cannot help with proofreading or be held liable for any errors in the advert.


How do we pay for placing an advert?

The most cost effective and quickest way to get your adverts paid and online, is to pay through our secure payment gateway. Alternatively we can invoice you and you can then pay by international money transfer - it is still possible at this point to pay by credit card.


What happens if we make an error in the advert?

Contact us and we will immediately rectify this for you. 


What do you do with school or candidate details?

These will be stored in a secure database and under no circumstances be passed on or sold to 3rd parties. If you want to be removed from our database once you have registered, please mail us and we will remove your name.



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