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MISSION's mission is to provide an efficient and cost effective vacancy listing service to IB schools throughout the world, and to provide a place for IB schools and educators to connect.



IB School Jobs was founded in January 2015 by a team of highly experienced IB educators who are in senior management roles and have all been site visitors, curriculum writers and workshop leaders.


All jobs advertised with us are promoted within our extensive IB community and directly to more than 10.000 educators within our network.


Our site gets 200 - 250 unique hits per day and is usually via direct access - i.e. people typing in our web address or clicking on links in our newsletters. This means we are getting direct access to our target audience and not just hits in web searches. 


Professional Development and Consultancy offers Professional Development (PD) and Consultancy services tailored to schools' needs.

Our consultants and PD Facilitators are all highly experienced IB practitioners and have all been trained by the IB and have many years experience in various regions of the world. They lead workshops for beginners to experienced IB educators, support new schools with  curriculum development, strategic -& implementation planning, and even with creating schedules.


Our consultants tailor their services to your needs and are available for short and longer term assignments and at fairly short notice.

Quick facts…

  • Number 1 on Google for PYP/MYP and Diploma Programme jobs

  • Average of 225 unique visits per day

  • 3000 +  subscribers

  • Schools from 100+ countries have made use of our services during 2017

  • In direct contact with target specific groups through our extensive networks e.g. Subject Specific DP/MYP groups, PYP Groups, Administrators etc. - this has a direct reach of 10.000 + educators

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