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All our professional development leaders are up-to-date and trained by the IB, so the content will be similar to what you would get at an IB workshop, with the exception that our leaders would tailor the workshop to meet your school's needs. They are highly experienced educators and all have several years of experience behind them as in the classroom and in leadership positions.


However, since we are an independant company, our workshops/training will not be recognised by the IBO for certification purposes. If you need certificates for recognition e.g. at evaluation time etc. It is recommend you sign up your staff via the IB's website. 


On the other hand, if you are looking for cost effective PD for your teachers then we have the solution for you. We deliver high quality, tailored IB workshops for at an affordable cost.


Our ambition is to allow you the potential to develop a greater number of your staff in a more cost effective manner.

It is our experience that it is not possible for many schools to send all their staff to regional workshops every year or to be able to afford in-school training. 

Our pricing ensures that you can make your professional development budget go further and ensure everyone on staff has the opportunity to receive quality IB training each year.


In a nutshell:

  • Cost effective  

  • Led by hand-picked IB trained and highly experienced leaders. 

  • PD according to IB standards and tailored to the needs of your school and teacher group


Examples of a bespoke workshops we have delivered.

At start of academic year

  • Day 1 - Intro to PYP or MYP - Teachers new to the programmes

  • Day 2 - School choice of topic e.g. Inquiry based learning...ATL skills - all staff 

  • Day 3 - Assessment or Subject groups etc.

Standard PYP & MYP workshops

  • MYP - ATL Skills, Global Contexts, MYP Projects etc. 

  • PYP - The Exhibition, The Written Curriculum, Making the PYP Happen etc.

  • DP - Extended Essay, CAS

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