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To direct and supervise the Sports activities at the Sports Academy for Tennis, Squash, Cricket, Golf and Swimming, as well as the entire school's sporting provision, including the main areas of Sports events, Sports Academy Leadership, facilities and resources, and budget management.

Additionally, collaborate with the Head of Sreenidhi International School to run the extracurricular sports programme across the school to ensure student success and a collaborative approach to shared use of facilities and the organization of sports events.


To direct and supervise the Sports activities at the Sports Academy for Tennis, Squash, Cricket, and Swimming, as well as the entire school's sporting provision, including the main areas of Sports events, Sports Academy Leadership, facilities and resources, and budget management. 

Reports to: Chief Executive Officer (CEO)


  • Oversee and ensure smooth functioning of all sports programming.

  • To develop an effective tracking system for athlete performance that enables coaches and the Integrated Sports Director to make informed decisions regarding future selection and deselection processes.

  • Manage the Sports department and programs.

  • In collaboration with the various coaches, develop and oversee the implementation of the sports curriculum for each sport.

  • Communicate with the CEO of the Sports Academy to establish budget development plans.

  • Coordinating game, practice, and event schedules with coaches.

  • Organizing and promoting sporting events, such as games and tournaments.

  • Recruiting, evaluating, and monitoring current and prospective coaches.

  • Keeping up-to-date with industry events and alterations, such as regulation changes for all sports.

  • Consult with the CEO of the Sports Academy regarding the acquisition of necessary equipment and facility upgrades.

  • Continue to innovate and develop a strategic vision for the Sports Academy in collaboration with the CEO.

  • Represent The Sports Academy in regional, state, and national tournaments and leagues.

  • Collaborate with the state and national sports association of India.

  • Ensure that all coaching positions are filled with qualified coaches who have received proper training.

  • Supervise, train, and evaluate every coach.

  • Communicate appropriate expectations for each level of competition with both students and their parents.

  • Individual and team sporting achievements should be communicated to the CEO.

  • Maintain accurate records of team and individual athletic statistics and accomplishments through communication with coaches and the Talent Identification Coordinator.

  • Organize regular meetings for coaches to discuss the Sports Academy's expectations, guidelines, and operation.

  • Supervise and transmit the weekly facility schedule in order for coaches to plan practices.

  • Annually review and revise department handbooks in coordination with the CEO.

  • Responsible for selecting the final list of athletes to be integrated into the sports program from those identified by the Talent Identification Coordinator.

  • Meeting prospective parents to explain to them the sports program.

  • Liaising with the marketing and social media teams to promote the sports academy and attend events as required.


Qualified candidates should email the following documents to

  1. Letter of Introduction

  2. Detailed up-to-date CV

  3. Names of three professional referees who are direct supervisors, specifying their designation, email and mobile number. One referee must be from the last/current employer

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