Description of School:

Uptown International School opened in September 2020 as an IB PYP Candidate School for Early Years 1 to Grade 3 students. In the 2021-22 school year the school will expand to include Grades 4 and 5. In time, UIS plans to operate IB MYP and Diploma programs.

The purpose-built school is located in the Moqattam District in central Cairo, twenty-minutes from the popular Maadi and 5th Settlement Districts. Students are primarily Egyptian nationals, but with other nationalities present. All students speak English and Arabic fluently and the school provides French as an additional language.

Classrooms in the Primary School are limited to 18 students, but during the pandemic, classes sizes are limited to approx. 10 students.

Description of Position:

IB PYP Physical Education teacher will work collaboratively with all other primary teachers. They should have:

  • Understanding of how to integrate with units, across different subject areas

  • Understanding and proven record of implementing a program that is more than just coaching for physical skills, includes the Personal and Social strands

  • Understanding that, as a PYP teacher, they are also a language teacher

  • Understanding of how to assess beyond physical skills

Experience teaching all aspects of PSPE, including gymnastics, dance/movement, etc. would be appreciated.

All applicants must have 3 documented years of teaching experience outside of Egypt and a Bachelor’s Degree in Physical and Health Education, or an equivalent, to be eligible.

Application for Position:

Please send your application with CV and other relevant info to, add REF: - Application for Position as Physical Education Teacher - PYP in the subject of your email.

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