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Description of School:

HEI Schools Phuket is a Finnish approach to Early Childhood Education based on research from the University of Helsinki and delivered through play-based learning. The academic year of 2024 - 2025 marks the start of our IB PYP


Currently, we are open to Kindergarten children aged 2 to 5 years old and next academic year (2024 - 2025) we will open for Primary children aged 6 to 8 years old. HEI Schools Phuket is our new featured school amongst the growing Kajonkiet School Group.

The academic year of 2024 - 2025 marks the start of our IB PYP journey. Currently, we are open to Kindergarten children aged 2 to 5 years old and next academic year (2024 - 2025) we will open for Primary children aged 6 to 8 years old.

We are currently hiring Grade 1 to Grade 3 teachers who are committed to delivering high-quality education that

fosters inquiry, critical thinking, and intercultural understanding.

The ideal candidates will be enthusiastic about working in a collaborative and multicultural setting and possess the following


  • Demonstrate an understanding and alignment with the IB mission, learner profile, and approaches to teaching and learning.

  • Demonstrate dedication to personal growth and development through ongoing reflection and self-awareness.

  • Willingness to share expertise, exchange ideas, and engage in collaborative problem-solving with colleagues.

  • Skilled in collaboratively developing and communicating a shared vision for teaching and learning that aligns with the mission and values of the school.

We are currently looking for a lead teacher who has:

  • Experience working with children aged 6 - 8 years old

  • Bachelor’s degree from a recognised university

  • A recognised teaching qualification: BEd.; PGCE; iPGCE or equivalent

  • Fluent English speaker (native or IELTS Academic score of 7 in listening, speaking, reading and writing.)

Job Information:

Lead Teacher responsibilities include:

  • Planning, implementation and assessment of activities based on the HEI IB Curriculum Materials (and local curricula) setting of academic targets for all students taught in line with school-wide goals and which take account of students’ individual needs, ability and level of English

  • Responsible for monitoring student attendance

  • Maintaining good discipline in all lessons by following the schools disiciplinary policies and procedures.

  • Collaboratively designing the learning environment with their team

  • Being in charge of guiding the educational team and organizing the daily practices in the group

  • Observes children’s growth and learning

  • Communicates closely with the principal and other teams

  • Leads weekly team meetings

  • Ensures families get high-quality information about their children on a regular basis keep appropriate records of students’ work

  • Mark and return work set – including Home Learning Assignments – within an agreed and reasonable time organise the Teaching Assistant and EAL support within the classroom with a clear learning focus carry out programmes of assessment as agreed by the Phase Leader, the Vice Principal (EYFS & Primary)and The School.

  • Complete student reports in line with The School’s Reporting Policy;

  • Will attend parent/teacher consultation events – including presentations from The Vice Principal (EYFS & Primary) as appropriate – and keep parents informed about students’ performance and targets using the Student Diary and other established channels.

  • Attend phase/key stage, EYFS & Primary School and whole school staff meetings – including Staff Weekly Briefings - and expect to be available for such, as published.

  • Be available for cover as directed by the Principal and/or The Vice Principal (EYFS & Primary) in accordance with The School’s Cover Policy.

Professional Expectations:

  • Be an ambassador for the school in the wider community

  • Attend professional Development (internal and external) as determined by the Principal (Kindergarten & Primary School)

  • Undertake Thai Language and Culture training as required by The Ministry of Education (Thailand)

  • Commit and contribute to the School’s extra-curricular programmes

  • Communicate with students, colleagues and parents respectfully and courteously at all times

  • Participate in school duties as per the rota for break and lunchtimes

  • Set the tone for students in attendance, punctuality, appearance, dress, courtesy and professionalism

  • Be a positive influence on staff morale and motivation

  • Demonstrate a clear commitment to their own career professional development

Remuneration package:

(Full details of salary package and terms and conditions will be sent to short-listed candidates)

  • Life insurance

  • 2-year renewable contract

  • Short-Term Accommodation on arrival to help the settling process

  • Free lunch during the school day

  • School holidays

  • Special tuition fees for children attending affiliated schools

  • Team shirts

  • Opportunities for career growth

  • Significant end of contract bonuses

Please send your application to and include REF: - Application for Position as Lead Teacher - Primary in the subject line of your mail.


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