School profile:

UWC Red Cross Nordic is a two year residential school for 206 scholarship students aged 16-19, comprising more than 90 nationalities. All students study for the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma. The College was opened in 1995 and is financed by public funds from the Nordic countries. It is located on the shores of Flekke fjord in the county of Vestland, Western Norway.

Like the other UWC colleges, UWC Red Cross Nordic is strongly committed to the mission of UWC and strives to deliver a challenging and transformational educational experience to a diverse cross section of students, inspiring them to create a more peaceful and sustainable future.

Student profile:

UWC RCN students are selected on merit or potential by UWC National Committees in their home country. They are engaged and invested in their UWC experience. A number of our students have first-hand experience of conflict and/or poverty within their home societies. Some have experienced gaps in education. On a busy, student-oriented campus, students need support and guidance to achieve and maintain balance in their lives.

Description of Position:

A position at UWC Red Cross Nordic is remarkably diverse, challenging, interesting and rewarding. It is, in many respects, a vocation; we are a community responsible for students’ welfare and education, working in a collegial context.

The College aims to attract applicants for posts from a wide range of backgrounds who are keen to live and work in this beautiful, remote rural and multicultural community.


  • Qualifications in counselling related fields and/or registration as a health professional is essential (psychology, counselling, social work or similar).

  • Fluency in English.

  • At least two years prior experience of counselling.

  • Prior experience of working with adolescents.


  • Prior experience working in an international environment

  • Prior experience in working in schools

  • A second language

The successful candidate will have convinced us of a willingness to contribute to a demanding and highly stimulating international educational and residential community. The working language of the College is English.

Reporting Relationship

Reporting to the Community Life Leader

Key Relationships

School Nurse, Student Peer Listeners, House Mentors, Advisors, Deputy Rektor, external healthcare services

The Wellbeing Counsellor works collaboratively and proactively with staff and students to provide counselling services to students and to promote and maintain the welfare, health, safety and wellbeing of individuals and the community.

The duties associated with this position include:

Counselling & Direct Services

  • Providing confidential personal health & wellbeing counselling services for students individually and in small groups;

  • Providing guidance, training and support so that appropriate student support programs such as the Peer Listeners can operate, and ensure that they operate within clearly established boundaries. Publish guidelines and communicate role and purpose of support programs;

  • Work with the admissions team to provide assessments of students with mental health concerns who have been nominated to the college.

  • Liaise with parents, guardians and National Committees as necessary and in accordance with Norwegian laws.

  • Provide mediation for low level student grievances within the student community.

Referral & Networking

  • Be available to students for “first line” support and referral to professional services when students need support beyond normal support networks at the College;

  • Maintain strong working relationships with local health and wellbeing services Health Promotion & Programs

  • Raise awareness in students and staff supporting students about access to health and wellbeing services beyond the college.

Collaboration & Health Promotion

  • Collaborate in the development and delivery of a holistic preventative program addressing student health and wellbeing needs in cooperation with School Nurse, external healthcare services, Community Life Leader, Deputy Rektor, House Mentors and Advisors;

  • Be an active member of the Student Support Team, attending weekly meetings to discuss and plan for students of concern.

  • Support the Community Life team and education staff with regular training on mental health and wellbeing issues, including mental health first aid.

  • Keep the Leadership team informed of mental health and wellbeing trends or concerns within the student body, particularly in relation to self harm, suicidality, harm to others or serious mental health issues.

  • Collaborate with the Community Life team to conduct annual student health and wellbeing surveys.


  • Support individual students with safeguarding concerns and make appropriate referrals to the Safeguarding Lead within the expectations of Norwegian law.

  • Work with the Safeguarding Team to ensure that the College operates in accordance with Norwegian laws and regulations as they relate to child protection and safeguarding;

  • Provide relevant information and training annually for staff and students in relation to safeguarding.


  • Keep accurate and confidential case note records.

  • Maintain and promote use of appropriate data systems in cooperation with School Nurse and, where appropriate, external healthcare services;

  • Maintain confidential statistics of intake and referral to be reported annually by country and issue.

  • Budget responsibility for mental health, wellbeing and student support structures at the College.

  • Maintain and update annually policies and procedures relating to the operation of the counselling service.

Whilst every attempt has been made to cover the main duties and responsibilities of this post, the above list is not exhaustive and each individual task involved in the role may not be identified.

Application for Position:

Please submit a CV of no longer than two pages, details of at least two referees (including your most recent employer) and a cover letter of no more than two pages. Your cover letter should address the ways in which you would contribute to the academic, residential and extra-academic programmes of the school. Please return by email to the Rektor to appointments@uwcrcn.no. Please add REF: www.ibschooljobs.com - Application for Position as Wellbeing Counsellor in the subject of your email.

Applicants are strongly encouraged to review the following documents prior to submitting an application: