Description of School:

Subang Jaya Campus:

Launched with Klang Valley learners in mind, UCSI International School (UIS) Subang Jaya is strategically located where leisure and urban sprawl co-exist. As one of Malaysia’s foremost education providers, we believe in the transformational power of education. This sees us bringing the best people and the best learning approaches together to empower young minds, to fulfil their potential and make their mark as global citizens.

At UIS Subang Jaya, the combination of the Cambridge International Curriculum and the International Primary Curriculum during primary school lay the foundations for secondary school and the rigorous IGCSE exams. UIS Subang Jaya possess an excellent team of School Leaders and academics to guide our students, in both their studies and their character development and growth. Our school has continued to serve as an educational home to both local and expatriate individuals, not only amongst our academic team, but amongst our students and school community as well.

UIS Subang Jaya focuses on eight critical characteristics in our learning content and experiences. The rapid advancement of technological innovation, global competition, and a push towards a knowledge-based economy require that our students have a repertoire of soft and hard skills. We therefore place a strong emphasis on Character Education, Global Citizen Skills, Problem-based Collaborative Learning, and co-curricular activities amongst others, forming a truly holistic education for the 21st century.

Our emphasis in education isn’t only labelled in academic and creative excellence, but to equipped students with 21st century skills such as character, communication, collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, while inculcating virtues such as integrity, honesty, and empathy in our students. We believe that students that have a developed moral compass and practical wisdom in a challenging and fractured world will make a positive impact for life.

Description of Position:

Early Years Teacher

IGCSE English as First Language

Librarian Teacher

Primary Homeroom Year 5


Design & Technology Teacher

Head of Primary

Programme: Cambridge

Subject Available: PYP Teacher, DP Economics, DP Business Management, MYP/DP Mathematics, English as an Additional Language Teacher, Chinese Language, DP/MYP French, Physical Education (PE), DP Economics with Business Management, DP Business Management with Economics

  • Teach within the prescribed periods

  • Provide a variety of learning experiences that actively engages students and are appropriate for their individual needs

  • Develop year plans, unit plans, and lesson plans

  • Observe and evaluate student's performance and development

  • Assign and grade class work, homework, tests, and assignments

  • Provide appropriate feedback on work

  • Encourage and monitor the progress of individual students

  • Maintain accurate and complete records of students' progress and development.

  • Support after school activities.

  • Perform any duties in supporting students, i.e., language support, remediation etc.

  • Perform certain pastoral duties including but not limited to student support, counseling students with academic problems, and providing student encouragement.

  • Participate in extracurricular activities such as social activities, sporting activities, clubs, and student organizations.

  • Attend and participate in faculty and parent meetings.

  • Set a positive example for students.

  • Show respect for students, value their individual talents, differentiate according to their abilities, and create opportunities for success.

  • Maintain consistently high expectations for student achievement and behavior.

  • You shall perform other duties that may be assigned to you by your superior from time to time


  • Must have at least Bachelor’s in education or equivalent from a recognized overseas University with PGCE certification or equivalent.

  • Must have experience in teaching IPC/Cambridge/IGCSE with proven track record of good results. Must have experience teaching in an international school.

  • International teachers whose first language is in English and have completed a Post Graduate Degree in Education, a bachelor’s degree in education, a Diploma in Teaching / Education, or an equivalent


  • Salary to commensurate qualification and experience with school’s salary scale

  • One flight in at the beginning of contract and one flight to exit at the end of the contract

  • School Tuition for children is fully covered by the school (other fees applies)

  • Housing allowance is provided

  • Professional development is encouraged and depending on the need of the programme

  • Dental benefit

  • Paid school holidays

  • Medical leave allocation

  • Employees Provident Fund allotment

  • Relocation allowance

  • For those with headship appointment, an extra allowance will be provided

Application for Position:

Please send you application to and include REF: - Application for Position as Subject Teacher, including the subject of teaching, in the subject line of your mail.