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Discovery International School opened in 2021 and currently has 22 students in grades 1-10. We are a start-up, and as we are also small, every teacher who joins our staff is a critical member of our team.

Everyone on our team needs to be flexible, adaptable, willing to do things that are outside of their "scope" and also be willing to work hard. We are in pursuit of becoming an IB World School, however, it is our goal to do it right rather than fast. We believe in continuous improvement in all areas, therefore, developing better methods and solutions, through ongoing reflection, evaluation, analysis, and open communication, is foundational to us.

We also acknowledge that we, as teachers and leaders, will always have more to learn, and that a humble willingness to admit when we do not know something (yet!) is important to being a good role model for our students. We seek to inspire students beyond the classroom to become lifelong learners and global citizens by showing them, through example, and helping them to

understand and embrace the IB Learner Profile while developing their own unique talents.

Main duties and responsibilities:

Job Scope:

The role of multi-grade teachers for the PYP & MYP will be to provide quality IB, project-based education, in an inquiry driven environment, to both PYP and MYP students in multi-grade classes. The teacher should promote an educational atmosphere conducive to learning and developing, through the process of inquiry and reflection.

Main Duties and Responsibilities

  • Design, prepare, and deliver high quality, creative, inquiry-based, transdisciplinary and interdisciplinary IB units and lessons to multi-grade classes that promote agency for all students and meet their individual needs. Students should be encouraged to make interdisciplinary connections from the subject matter to things that interest them, through the use of projects.

  • Inspire mixed culture and ability classes, by creating challenging and engaging learning opportunities for all students.

  • Assess and monitor individual student progress and provide target goals so that all learners can see success and improve. Every student needs to be challenged to grow.

  • Communicate effectively and regularly with parents.

  • Make records and reports to evidence learning and student progress. Document the personal, social, and scholastic development of students.

  • Liase with the appropriate parties (Coordinators/Principal/Managing Director to ensure effective delivery of the curriculum to specified classes, including selecting resources and managing them efficiently in the classroom.

  • Maintain constant awareness of any special needs of children.

  • Engage in collaborative planning sessions. Share new ideas, approaches, and professional knowledge for the purpose of helping our team implement IB methodologies effectively .

  • Know and utilize safety routines and school policies to ensure the physical and emotional well-being of the students.

  • It is every teacher's job at Discovery to fill gaps in our daily schedule and work for the best of the students and school. Working as a team is a very important part of the job at Discovery.

Position requirements:


  • Bachelors of Education with a specialty in Math, Bachelor's degree in Math with a Teaching Certificate, or MEd with a specialization in math. IB workshop completion certificates are preferred

  • Specialization in Mathematics and a wealth of knowledge in Science and Design & Technology

  • IB teacher experience is preferable

  • NOKUT Approval if applicable - required for a permanent position

Must have skills:

  • Native English speaker or excellent, near-native English skills. English evaluation test may be required.

  • A wealth of IB experience and knowledge is highly preferred


  • Previous IB teaching experience and preferable experience in classes with multiple grade levels

  • Teaching experience in Math and Science. Ability to include Design & Technology classes using Lego Robotics

  • Project-based curriculum development knowledge and experience (planning lessons and units)


  • Demonstrates professionalism, commitment, integrity, strength of character and perseverance

  • Interculturally aware with well-developed interpersonal skills

  • Inspires trust and confidence in students and colleagues

  • Enthusiastic, positive attitude

  • Shows a strong work ethic without complaining

  • Articulate communicator

  • Committed to ensuring high standards of teaching

  • Flexible and willing to contribute where needed

Extra Competencies:

  • Please specify whether you can also speak Norwegian and what level of competency you have.

  • Please let us know whether you have PYP or MYP Coordinator experience

Salary & Benefits:

The salary and benefits will reflect the fact that the school is committed to excellence and is in line with Norwegian Labor Law.


Permanent position or temporary contract


Candidates are requested to submit the following documents:

  • Cover letter, giving a brief description of who you are, your interests, how you meet the position requirements, your teaching philosophy, why you think Discovery would be a good match for you, and why you believe we should choose you.

  • Current CV

  • If you are a certified IB teacher, please include a copy of your IB certification

  • A list of 3 professional references with current contact details (position, phone number and email address) not older than 5 years. If you are currently employed as a teacher, this must include your current Head of School, however we will not contact them before speaking with you about it.

  • If you have any questions, please contact:

  • Heidi Hannisdal at:

  • Agnar Hannisdal at:

Of special note:

In line with international standards, Discovery International School maintains strong child protection policies and procedures. All applicants are screened to ensure that they meet the legal and ethical requirements for employment in Norway. Our school strives to provide a safe, secure environment for all students.

All appointments must provide the school with an up-to-date DBS/Police Clearance/Certificate of Good Character as required by Norwegian Law.

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