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Northfields is seeking to hire a Primary School Principal to lead our well established IB Primary Years Programme Primary School as part of the IB continuum education offered by Northfields International Schools.

The potential candidate is expected:

  • To lead, motivate and develop the Primary School and its staff, so that the school fulfils the academic, pastoral and social needs of its pupils.

  • To ensure that the Primary School provides an excellent, broad-based education in line with the Northfields ethos and enables pupils to gain the maximum benefit they can from their education, including those areas not measured by academic results.

  • To be responsible for the day-to-day leadership and management of the Primary School and ensure the smooth running of the school

  • To serve as a committed member of the Senior Management Team (SMT), working closely with the Head of School (HOS) and other members of SMT to contribute to the formulation and execution of the strategic and development plans and long-term success of Northfields.

  • To serve as an effective and inspiring line manager to the Primary School Leadership Team.

The Primary School Principal will report to the Head of School.

Main Duties and Responsibilities


  • Provide leadership, mentoring and coaching to support teachers’ professional learning and create a vibrant learning environment for all.

  • Ensure all aspects of the operation of the Primary School are consistent with and supportive of the School’s vision, mission, values and strategic priorities.

  • Be a role model for all students and staff as a committed leader of the Primary School.

  • Be a contributing member of the Senior Management Team.

  • Apply all School policies as they relate to the Primary School.


  • Be responsible for the daily leadership and management of the Primary School as leader of the Primary School Leadership Team (PSLT).

  • Provide educational and administrative leadership for the members of the teaching staff and oversee the supervision of their work.

  • Work closely with SMT and the PSLT to ensure all requirements are met for the regular accreditation, authorisation and evaluation of the school for applicable local and international bodies, including but not limited to the Ministry of Education (MoE), International Baccalaureate Organisation (IBO), and Council of International Schools (CIS).

  • Ensure effective risk management across the Primary School, conducting risk assessments as appropriate, and contribute to the overall risk management of the school together with SMT

  • In conjunction with other members of PSLT, ensure that teachers maintain accurate student records and details of progress to inform teaching and for reporting purposes.

  • Liaise closely with the PSLT and HOS on matters of school calendar and timetable structure.

  • Liaise closely with the Admissions team to meet with parents, conduct interviews and evaluate the admissions applications of prospective Primary School students.

  • Liaise with the HR department on matters of staffing requirements, including recruitment and selection and other HR frameworks.

  • Assist the Finance Manager and HOS to develop and set the Primary School budget.

  • Liaise with the Marketing Team to guide and oversee arrangements for Primary School events and marketing.

  • Chair PSLT and facilitate other appropriate meetings concerned with the ongoing smooth operation of Primary School.

  • Provide regular reporting to SMT on the functioning of the Primary School, including the submission of quarterly written reports to the HOS.

  • Participate in Board meetings as required.

Teaching and Learning

  • Ensure the promotion of a positive and innovative learning environment, where students are able to reach their full potential, and learning is engaging and challenging.

  • Ensure that optimal pedagogies for the development of Global Citizenship and 21st century skills are at the forefront of all decisions around curriculum, teaching practices and facilities development.

  • Ensure the development of programmes of academic support and extension.

  • Be responsible for coordinating established curriculum priorities for students as per the strategic plan, including review, development, implementation and documentation.

  • Oversee planning, teaching, and feedback for learning, including reports and parent meetings to promote student progress.

  • Analyse students’ continuous assessment results and use this data to implement appropriate interventions and action plans, together with the PSLT.

  • Oversee external benchmarking assessments and analyse results with PSLT.

Pastoral Care

  • Ensure that the pastoral care, welfare and behaviour support of students in Primary School are in accordance with School policy.

  • Ensure the effective planning and delivery of the pastoral curriculum in support of the school’s vision and goals.

  • Refer students at risk to the safeguarding team and other relevant staff or agencies, advise relevant staff and follow up outcomes.

  • Work in partnership with parents on all matters relating to student welfare, and support and advise parents as appropriate.

  • Manage all aspects of the induction and orientation of new students and their families to Primary School.

  • Promote safeguarding and ensure that all staff are familiar with the procedures and steps for referrals in conjunction with the Primary School Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL).

  • Meet regularly with DSL to gain overview of safeguarding concerns monitoring and actions. Escalate high-level Safeguarding concerns to the HOS for reporting and action at Board level.

Staff Development

  • Work with SMT to ensure a positive and supportive model exists for staff appraisal and development.

  • Create conditions conducive to team building, staff welfare and positive engagement across the Primary School.

  • Develop the professional learning program and development opportunities for staff which are in line with the School’s strategic plan, including proposing specific training for Primary School staff for budget considerations.

  • Monitor, support and supervise Primary School staff in conjunction with the PSLT.

  • Liaise with the HOS and HR Manager on matters of staff induction, performance, evaluation, professional development and appraisal as it applies to the Primary School.

Community Engagement

  • Promote and develop a Primary School community that encourages and welcomes new and existing families, through accessible and timely communication.

  • Liaise with the Admissions and Marketing Team in promoting and marketing the School, meeting with prospective families, and in the enrolment process for new students.

  • Maintain close communication with parents and provide opportunities for them and other family members to engage in school activities.

  • Foster good relationships with parents by providing a ready flow of information about the Primary School and their children’s development.

  • Contribute regular articles and information regarding Primary School initiatives and achievements in promotion of the school.

Other Specific Duties:

  • To play a full part in the life of the Northfields community, to support its distinctive mission, ethos and policies and to encourage and ensure staff and pupils are following this example.

  • To continue personal professional development as agreed.

  • To engage actively in the performance review process.

  • To fully comply with and enforce the School’s guidelines, policies and procedures.

Safeguarding Statement

Northfields is committed to safeguarding the health, well-being and safety of our students by creating and maintaining an open, safe, caring and supportive environment. We aim to foster a strong sense of community, respect and discipline while promoting positive student-life experiences. Safeguarding and Child Protection are the direct responsibility of all members of the community: The Board of Directors, Leadership and Management, Staff and Volunteers.

The successful candidate should possess the job specification as outlined below:


University degree (Bachelor’s degree or higher) in education

Master’s degree in educational leadership and management or similar degree is preferable.


  • Thorough knowledge and understanding of the IB Primary Years Programme

  • Basic understanding of IB MYP, DP and Cambridge IGCSE programmes preferable

  • Experience with school authorisation and evaluation process and requirements (eg. CIS and IB) preferable

  • Sound knowledge of safeguarding and student welfare practices

  • Appropriate approaches to promoting positive discipline and engagement

  • A minimum of 8 years’ successful primary teaching experience, preferably in PYP

  • A minimum of 5 years’ middle or senior leadership experience in an international school


Outstanding ability to:

  • Create positive impact and improving and sustaining standards of practice.

  • Drive and implement the school’s strategic goals and initiatives.

  • Deliver and facilitate staff development programmes.

  • Foster a high-quality performance management culture and successfully address underperformance.

  • Support staff to successfully navigate transition and change as the school grows and develops.


  • Excellent organisational and interpersonal skills in order to work with a range of end users within a busy environment.

  • Management Skills

  • Quality management

  • Maintains Confidentiality

  • Communication and Interpersonal skills

  • Excellent ICT Skills with the ability to analyse data

  • Critical Thinking

  • Problem Solving

  • Emotional Intelligence

Interested applicants should send the following information to by the 31 May 2023:

  • Candidate’s resume

  • At least three collegial or supervisory references

  • A statement of educational philosophy

  • Any other materials supporting the candidate’s application.

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