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Description of School:

Oasis School Group’s vision is to offer our students the best possible education in order to shape new generations, confident in their knowledge and their ability to serve their community, and to prepare them for a brilliant professional career.

The Oasis school group initiated from the will to combine excellence and fulfillment through a French education, while fostering an international non-restricted vision and to infuse our students in the roots of their own culture.

To reach this objective, the school offers to its students a demanding education of high standards, by focusing on the development of moral, sports, creative as well as intellectual aptitudes.

Learning three languages, by stressing on their oral practices, teaches the students to appreciate the cultures and the different thought processes.

By offering a large space to the new technologies and the artistic learning, the Oasis School Group looks to shape women and men rigorous and open, whom, while having their place in the world, will also be capable to encounter their evolution and get engaged.

Oasis assigns itself an essential objective of offering to the students the tools that will allow them to shape themselves on their own, to be accounted for responsibilities and react in perfect symbiosis with cultural persons and different horizons without losing their own identity.

The Oasis International School is part of the IB schools in worldwide. It offers the four programmes of the International Baccalaureate Organisation.


  • Diploma in teaching or in the subject

  • The ability to motivate and inspire students

  • The ability to stimulate curiosity, interest and enjoyment

  • Creative teaching skills and a professional approach

  • The determination to raise students' achievements

  • The encouragement of extra-curricular activities

  • Team skills

  • The ability and the interest in using new technologies

  • 3 years of experience


  • Excellent resources

  • Excellent support and professional development opportunities

  • Excellent new technology (the latest technology in the education field)

  • Remuneration: according to experience and diplomas

  • Ticket flight for the arrival

  • Local medical insurance for the teacher

  • Monthly housing allowance

  • Professional development

Application for Position:

Please send your application via and include REF: - Application for Position as Native French Teacher - MYP and DP in the subject line of your mail.


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