Description of School:

TNS started in 2007 as the first school offering Regio Emelia and PBL based education in Lahore, Pakistan. The school became an authorised MYP school in 2012 and an authorised DP school in 2014.

The school is presently a candidate school for the American High School diploma and is expected to have the full authorisation by 2021.

School operates two campuses in Lahore, Pakistan. Both offer the MYP porgramme while the school in DHA offers the DP and the American High School Diploma.

Description of Position:


This position reports to the Head of the School.

Purpose of the Job

The main purpose of the job is to provide academic leadership to the MYP programmes under the guidance of the school head.

Job Overview

The Middle Years Program Manager is an informed, reflective practitioner and leader who uses Inquiry learning strategies within the MYP framework to create positive learning environments which motivate and challenge all learners to become self-regulated, life-long learners and leaders. Consistent with TNS Beaconhouse policies, the Middle Years Program Manager, alongside the Head of School and MYP Coordinators, will act as the pedagogical leader of the MYP across the TNS Beaconhouse campuses. The position holder will have a commitment to collaborative planning and is responsible for ensuring that pedagogical aspects are discussed, information is disseminated and the MYP is planned, taught and assessed collaboratively.


  • Liaison between IBO and school to support MYP coordinators

  • Be an active member of the Senior Leadership Team for both TNS Branches to make sure that the vision and mission is aligned.

  • Defining the culture of school (based on the MYP learner profile and TNS values and beliefs)

  • Promote the vision and mission and the Board across the TNS Beaconhouse campuses

  • Continue to achieve excellent academic results across the TNS Beaconhouse Network

  • Work with the Head of School and other departments to help promote the MYP throughout the school community and beyond.

  • Hold regular meetings with the MYP Coordinators of the different campuses to align and ensure continuity.

  • Work with both the PY and DP Coordinators to ensure a smooth transition across the TNS Network.

  • Strengthen the development of the programme across the TNS Beaconhouse Schools and look at how we can add meaningful benefit to the programme through subject

  • selection and timetabling.

  • Lead the Self review for both TNS branches in collaboration with the MYP Coordinators.

  • Lead a annual review of the TNS policies for both campuses to make sure they align

  • Promote student agency across the MYP in conjunction with the CAS Coordinator and the Head of School

  • Support the Careers Advisor and CAS Coordinator in helping students prepare for their University applications through Service and Action from Grade 8.

  • Be part of the Child Protection Committee at both TNS Branches to ensure equality

  • Promote Inquiry across the TNS Network of Schools

  • Attend MYP System wide coordinator meetings as organised by the Head Office

  • Lead the alignment of the SNC for Middle schools with the MYP porgaramme at TNS Promote international-mindedness in the school

  • Support the articulation of the programme with the MYP Coordinators across the Schools

  • Streamline the booklists, Assessments and Schemes of Work across the TNS Beaconhouse Network

  • Streamline the Professional development: workshops, conferences, school visits, induction; IB networks attended to add value to TNS Beaconhouse.

  • Supporting the IB evaluation processes across the TNS Network.

  • To promote understanding and use of all MYP documents including all new documentation released on MyIB

  • Be fully conversant with all MYP publications

  • Lead the process of developing or reviewing the school’s curriculum documents, scope and sequence documents

  • Ensure that agreements are formulated for teaching and learning and for assessment

  • Ensure the development of an action plan and, advise and support the formulation of the school’s strategic development plan in collaboration with the MYP Coordinators

  • Ensure that staff members are made aware of professional development opportunities

  • Ensure IB teaching staff receive ongoing training in the delivery of the programme

  • Make recommendations regarding professional development opportunities on and off campus ∙ Keep a record of workshop attendance and school visits to ensure equality of opportunity to identify ongoing needs, and to complete authorization and programme evaluation forms

  • Provide appropriate guidance and support are given to staff to implement the programme (for example, use of the MYP planner, use of an appropriate diversity of assessment strategies, planning the personal project)

  • Assist teams or individuals in developing and documenting units of inquiry and individual student inquiries in collaboration with the MYP Coordinator

  • Make recommendations for the purchase of suitable resources to support the implementation of the programme in collaboration with the MYP Coordinator

  • Identify resources within the local community to aid the implementation of the MYP Communication

  • Ensure that all requirements of the IB concerning the implementation of the programme are adhered to

  • Conduct parent information sessions in collaboration with the MYP Coordinator and H

  • Develop, create a school newsletter and publish articles pertaining to the programme in the school newsletter

  • Circulate all relevant information received from the IB and ensure that teachers and other staff are kept up to date with current developments in the programme

  • Respond to requests for information (for example, questionnaires) from the IB ∙ Provide a liaison between the school and the IB

  • Provide outreach to the wider MYP community through MY IB discussion forums, email and hosting visits from other Beaconhouse schools

  • Participate in system level MYP discussions and support Beaconhouse Schools with the consent of the Head of School from TNS and the Chief operating officer.

While every effort has been made to explain the main duties and responsibilities of the post, each individual task undertaken may not be identified. Employees will be expected to comply with any reasonable request from a manager to undertake work of a similar level that is not specified in this job description.


  • Monthly gross salary: USD 5000

  • Residence/apartment is provided with basic furnishing. Upper ceiling of rent is of PKR 150,00/month

  • Utility allowance of PKR 30,000/month (inclusive of generator fuel) is allocated to pay for/towards utilities. Any amount over and above this limit is to be paid by the incumbent at his/her own expense. Should bills be of an amount less than the PKR 30,000/month, the balance shall not be reimbursed. Running cost of the generator will be considered part of utilities.

  • Leave entitlement is of 50 calendar days/annum, including annual and casual. 10 sick leaves are entitled per annum.

  • One return economy class air ticket per annum, after completion of each contract year, will be provided in addition to initial/ joining; contract ending/conclusion flight. 7. Medical insurance against hospitalization (in-patient) will be provided 8. Transportation will be provided in the form of company-maintained/insured car 1300 cc and fuel allowance of 125 litres per month with a driver.

  • Laptop & mobile usage limit of PKR 3,000/month

Application for position:

Please send your CV to and please add REF: - Application for Position as MYP Manager in the subject of your email.