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From its founding by Mary Vardrine McBee in 1909, Ashley Hall has remained faithful to its original mission: To produce educated women who are independent, ethically responsible, and prepared to meet the challenges of society with confidence. This mission is realized in everything we do, from campus traditions to our innovative curricula and teaching philosophy.

It inspires both faculty and students to engage in a vitally enriching educational community. From boys 2 years to 5 years and girls 2 years to twelfth grade, our curricula, instructional methods, co-curricular programs, and facilities are designed to foster in all of our students, at every stage of their development, those qualities of mind and character implicit in our mission statement.

The role of the MYP Coordinator is to plan and oversee the implementation and management of the IB programme for grades 5-8.  Through coordination with teachers, administrators, and the IB regional office, the coordinator is responsible for the full delivery of curriculum including documentation, reporting, analysis, and evaluation. 

The MYP Coordinator has oversight and coordination of all IB related activities including teacher training, program of inquiry and unit development, student evaluation and the student experience, and the MYP Exhibition,.  


The MYP Coordinator has overall responsibility for:

  1. Leadership

  • Implement and maintain Programme of Inquiry (core plan of all to be taught)

  • Lead faculty planning for the MYP during regularly scheduled meetings; this may include workshops and trainings

  • Support and mentor MYP teachers in the classroom

  • After implementation/adoption of the programme, support and mentor new MYP teachers in the classroom

  • Provide learning engagement input and feedback for MYP teachers 

  • Support teachers through regular classroom visits and feedback

  • Provide opportunities for teachers to observe one another in practice

  1. Communication

  • Keep the School's leadership regularly informed of MYP developments

  • Maintain communication between Ashley Hall and the IB

  • Ensure that curriculum-related parent meetings and workshop opportunities are provided

  • Ensure that MYP teachers have access to the IB Online Curriculum Centre and newly published MYP documents

  • Contribute to the presentation and promotion of the academic programme within the Ashley Hall Community

  • Collaborate with the PYP Coordinator on a bi-weekly basis to ensure continuity throughout the programme

  • Liaise with the coordinator of DEIB to seek out ways to reinforce the School's efforts in that area

  • Communicate relevant MYP professional development opportunities for staff

  1. Professional Development

  • In consultation with the administrative team, identify areas for professional development and provide support to MYP teachers prior to the professional development process

  • Provide divisional, small group, and individual professional development opportunities as needed

  1. Curriculum

  • Provide MYP teachers with relevant MYP curriculum documentation and documentation framework support

  • Provide guidance and support to MYP teachers in understanding MYP Scope and Sequence documents

  • Ensure that MYP teachers understand how to use the MYP unit planner

  • Ensure that curriculum documentation is up to date


  1. Student Experience

  • Working with Grades 5-8 teachers, oversee and implement service learning opportunities and field trips aligned with IB goals and priorities

  • Work with 5th-8th Grade leadership to organize weekly MYP-themed assemblies

  1. Documentation and Resource Management

  • Assist Grades 5-8 Director with scheduling to support implementation of the Programme

  • Keep copies of all correspondence with the IB, including forms, documents, and reports

  • Assist the Assistant Head of School for Teaching and Learning in determining main curriculum resources and other needs for professional development; and in placing resource orders

  • Ensure that teachers keep long-range plans for MYP up to date

  • Prepare and submit any documentation required for authorization and evaluation

  • Ensure that all requirements and procedures set by the IB concerning the Programme are adhered to


Math Instructional Support for Grades 5-8 with a special emphasis on Grades 5 and 6 for 2023-2024 School Year


  1. Coordinate with other Grades 5-8 math teachers to ensure continuity of the curriculum

  2. Help students with independent work (either remedial or enrichment) both in and out of the classroom

  3. Embrace a team-oriented academic environment where courses are taught with an emphasis on student engagement 

  4. Demonstrate proficiency and application experience of relevant technologies to support instruction and student exploration

  5. Possess the flexibility and willingness to teach and support interdisciplinary courses




  • Established knowledge of MYP IB Programme

  • A bachelor's degree in the specific discipline and a master's degree in the specific or a related field 

  • Trained in and/or experience with student-centered and experiential instruction 

  • Excellent written and oral communication skills 

  • Can demonstrate a record of collaborative teaching

  • Possess an ability to build authentic relationships with colleagues and students

  • Is able to create and contribute to a joyfully inclusive community

  • Has a committed practice of professional reflection, inquiry, iteration, and innovation

  • Actively seeks purposeful growth in themselves and in others

  • Reliably meets expectations and deadlines


Faculty at Ashley Hall are expected to cultivate meaningful relationships with the colleagues and students with whom they work. This occurs in various ways during the school day, including meetings and duties. 


Interested candidates can send their cover letter, resume and list of references to Lynsey Barrows, Director of Human Resources, at - Please include REF: - Application for Position as MYP Coordinator in the subject line of your email.


Ashley Hall is an Equal Opportunity Employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, pregnancy, gender identity, sexual orientation, national origin, age, disability or genetic information.


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