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Anton Bruckner International School is an IB World School authorized to offer the Primary Years Programme (PYP) and the Middle Years Programme (MYP). Anton Bruckner International School is located in Linz, Austria and is a caring, cosmopolitan community of vibrant learners striving for excellence in the achievement of knowledge and personal development.

Anton Bruckner International School prepares students with the academic skills and qualifications needed to access the IB Diploma Programme anywhere in the world. Anton Bruckner International School promotes an inclusive community that teaches empathy, fosters collaboration and celebrates international diversity.

Our mission is to nurture and inspire; to provide the opportunity for each learner to achieve their full potential within a local and global community.

We are excited to launch the IB-DP programme at ABIS and expect to offer the IB-DP to the first cohort in the 2026/27 academic year.


The Diploma Programme (DP) Coordinator is a key leadership position at ABIS. The coordinator is responsible for coordinating and developing the IB Diploma programme in Grades 11 and 12. 

The DP Coordinator is involved in the whole school implementation of the IB programmes and is the direct point of contact with the IBO in matters about the Diploma Programme. 

The DPC will work closely with school leadership in supporting students and teachers to maximize students’ attainment. Quality assurance of teaching and learning in the IB years, providing pedagogical leadership to the IBDP, and promoting the IB ethos will be critical elements of the role. 

Main Objective: 

To ensure the effective development and administration of the School’s IB Diploma Program by conducting quality assurance of teaching and learning, providing pedagogical leadership and contributing to the promotion and development of the IBDP

General Duties 

  • Prepare the school for IB-DP authorization. We wish to open the first IB-DP class in the 2026/27 academic year. 

  • Develop, design, implement and coordinate a well-organized and meaningful curriculum that is articulated with and builds on the Grade 6-10 programme, ensuring that there is the concurrency of learning between classes in the same subject and level. 

  • Be responsible for all communications and activities with the IB offices. Record all communication, forms, documents, and reports from the IB. Record and distribute all IB publications where necessary. 

  • Ensure that appropriate student records are maintained. 

  • Contribute to promoting and developing the IBDP both within and outside the school. 

  • Attend workshops and regional meetings. 

  • Ensure that appropriate textbooks, resources, and facilities are made available. 

  • Organize internal assessment and moderation of internal assessment, according to the Diploma criteria. 

  • Develop and review handbooks and brochures and other informational material. 

  • Collaborate on 9th and 10th grade curriculum development as preparatory years for Diploma Program entry. 

  • Provide pedagogical leadership - working closely with subject teachers to evaluate curriculum implementation. 

  • Design and manage an annual IBDP assessment deadline calendar in conjunction with subject teachers. 

  • Carry up to 50% of a full-time teaching load in the IBDP. 


  • Ensure that students are registered for examinations. 

  • Ensure the conduct of examinations (written and oral) and visiting examiners. 

  • Ensure that all internal assessment materials are sent to respective examiners. 

  • Send examination answer scripts to IB examiners on time. Report examination irregularities. 

  • Organize the distribution of results. 

  • Work with school leadership to analyze results and adjust program delivery as necessary.


  • Facilitate the orientation of teachers new to ABIS and new to the IB-DP. Ensure that all teachers are suitably qualified and trained under IB requirements. 

  • Ensure that all IBDP teachers have access to all IB resources. 

  • Conduct regular meetings with IB teachers. 

  • Organise and oversee the grade 11 and grade 12 mock exams. 

  • Provide support and information to teachers new to the IB, especially in pedagogy and assessment. 

  • Conduct quality assurance of the delivery of the IBDP. 

  • Oversee the five-year review. 

  • Ensure that teachers have access to the most up-to-date publications. Ensure that teachers have information on current Diploma Programme developments. 

  • Coordinate and assist participation in DP workshops and professional learning. Inform all concerned about assessment procedures and deadlines. 

  • Ensure that all documents are completed on time. 

  • Prepare timelines for submission of work to the IB. 

  • Rationalize timelines for students. 

  • Ensure the efficient administration of the CAS, extended essays and TOK programs. 

  • Monitor on-campus professional development activities. 

Student Support 

  • Facilitate the orientation of students new to the IBDP. 

  • Ensure that all students are clear about the requirements of the IB Diploma Programme and are updated as changes arise. 

  • Inform 9th and 10th-grade students about the IB requirements. Advise students on subject selection. 

  • Organise and coordinate the IBDP course selection process. 

  • Accommodate transfer students and liaise with their former schools. Monitor students’ progress and coordinate support for those experiencing difficulty. 

  • Support academically at-risk students through regular communication between home and school. 

  • Work with the school counselor and SEN Coordinator so that all teachers are aware of students’ specific needs.

  • Apply to the IB for special assessment for those students who would benefit from such accommodations. 

Parents support 

Provide comprehensive information to parents about the Diploma Programme and the School’s milestones. 

Organize parent meetings to: 

  • Advise parents on the suitability of the IB Program for their child(ren). 

  • Inform parents about the requirements of the IBDP. 

  • Notify parents about their child(ren)’s progress. 

  • Keep parents apprised of their child(ren)’s progress in all  subjects, the Extended Essay, and the CAS programme. 

Position Requirements 


  • Carry up to 50% of a full-time teaching load in the IBDP. 

  • Postgraduate teaching qualification (essential) / Master degree (desirable) 

  • Qualification on leadership and management (desirable) 


  • Leadership experience in a secondary school environment 

  • IBDP Teaching experience 

  • Experience of leading school initiatives that have led to demonstrable improvement in standards and achievement 


  • An enthusiastic and passionate leader with a deep understanding of the requirements and demands of the IBDP curriculum 

  • Committed to IB Philosophy 

  • A positive, flexible, ‘can do’ work ethic. 

  • Dynamic and innovative leader with a passion for education 

  • Exceptional communication and organisational skills 

  • Strong collaboration skills to foster partnerships with teachers, students and parents 

  • Motivation to work with, develop and help young people 

  • Calm and approachable manner, able to work under pressure Excellent standards of personal presentation

  • Enjoyment of working in a positive, collaborative team environment with the values of honesty, integrity and mutual support at the core. Knowledge of Child Protection/Safeguarding 

  • An enthusiasm for engaging with diverse cultures tempered only with high levels of patience and adaptability 

Please send your application to: and include as reference : Application for Position as IB-Coordinator in the subject line of the mail. 

We are committed to providing a safe and happy environment for all our employees and in which our students can thrive and learn. We are committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of all our employees and students. All employees are subject to appropriate vetting procedures including satisfactory criminal record checks from both country of residence/home country and any other country of residence.


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