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Our specialized online IBDP programme and American High School program are designed to cater to the unique aspirations of each learner.  Experience the freedom of a flexible education that aligns with your lifestyle, coupled with the quality and excellence of an international curriculum accessible from anywhere.

Become a part of our diverse online learning community. Enrollment is currently open for students eager to pursue an esteemed IBDP or a comprehensive American High School diploma online, as well as our homeschooling programs for Grades 1 through 9.

Every service provider is a member of Eastwood Global and is responsible to:

  • the IB DP coordinator for the effective delivery of the

curriculum as well as the effective use of Eastwood’s digital learning environment 

  • to the Director for the support for, and implementation of, Eastwood Global policies 

Position Overview:

Eastwood Global is seeking qualified and experienced DP service providers to teach Math AA as an online teacher, the service provider will be responsible for delivering high-quality instruction, facilitating student engagement, and supporting academic growth in his/her assigned subject area.

General responsibilities 

Every service provider will:

  • collaborate with the IB DP Coordinator to develop and deliver the school’s curriculum

  • collaborate with all teachers to ensure that the school’s curriculum provides a supportive learning environment for all members of the school community 

  • promote a culture where diversity and inclusion are encouraged and students strive for academic excellence 

  • be a life-long learner 

Specific responsibilities 

A. To lead learning, every service provider will 

1. ensure a consistent collaborative focus on improving student learning outcomes through the effective understanding, delivery, and analysis of the school’s curriculum 

2. differentiate in the classroom, taking into account each student’s learning needs 

3. use a wide range of creative teaching styles 

4. contribute to the development of interdisciplinary learning 

5. analyse and evaluate student performance data and take appropriate action in support of individual student learning 

6. ensure students have an active and engaged role in developing their own learning outcomes 

7. attend scheduled meetings

B. To lead teaching, every service provider will 

1. support the delivery of the curriculum to ensure innovative and high-quality program 

2. be familiar with course syllabi, support materials, and IB regulations

3. be familiar with, and adhere to, all requirements and deadlines for external examination and internal assessment 

4. ensure all curriculum is appropriately mapped, and all unit planners and power point presentations are available as required by the IB DP Coordinator

5. ensure the effective use of digital platforms (ManageBac, Google Apps, Kognity) in line with the expectations of the IB DP coordinator 

C. To support quality assurance, every service provider will 

1. support and maintain school policies

2. ensure all assessment data is recorded accurately 

3. evaluate the effectiveness of classroom learning using multiple sources of evidence including: student assessment data, learning outcomes, and feedback from students

5. ensure the timely and accurate recording of student attendance 

6. ensure the prompt feedback and recording of any and all safeguarding concerns 


  • Bachelor’s degree in related subject

  • Minimum of 3 years of teaching experience in the subject specified.

  • Proficiency in online teaching platforms

  • Excellent communication, interpersonal, and organizational skills

  • Strong commitment to student-centered learning

Pay Structure

  • $800 per month over 9 months for HL subjects 

  • $600 per month over 9 months for SL subjects

Contract Duration

  • The contract duration is at least 2 years


Please send your application and relevant documents to and and include REF:IB School Jobs - Application for Position as Math AA Teacher in the subject line of your email.


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