Description of School:

As one of the few International Baccalaureate World Schools in Malaysia that offer a full boarding experience, UCSI International School Springhill has always been earmarked to be something special. A home where an extraordinary cohort of learners live, learn and play together. A school whose shared purpose attracts prodigious learners from around the world. A place where education and aspiration go hand-in-hand.

This sees us bringing the best people and the best learning approaches together to empower young minds. To realise their potential. To take them further. To make their mark. Because as one of Malaysia’s foremost education providers, we believe in the transformational power of education.

Description of Position:

The Houseparent has overall responsibility for creating a safe, secure and learner-centered environment in the school hostel. This position requires frequent and meaningful interactions with students in a variety of settings. The Houseparent oversees academic support, other staff supervision, facilities management, student conduct, crisis intervention, and social justice education, while conducting his work in a student-centered manner.

The Houseparent will ensure the hostel and grounds are in good working order and are kept clean and neat. He/she will oversee a developmentally appropriate chore programme that actively engages students in participating in home care, while also learning responsibility.

The below also includes, but not limited to, the responsibilities:

1. Academic supervisor

  • Supervise boarding students during evening study time and assist them with academic questions in order to help them progress academically.

  • Tutor English Writing and Reading comprehension skills to boarding students in groups or individually every time a teacher points that students need extra-curricular support in the areas mentioned above.

  • Keep accurate records of content and topics covered for academic support for boarding students.

  • Keep constant communication with boarding students' teachers in order to assure continuous and sustainable progress.

  • Communicate with the principal and produce reports on a weekly basis of extra-curricular/academic support provided. The report should have students' names, date and time as well as topics covered.

  • Assist and support teachers deliver and monitor the Residential Life / Boarding Academic Programme.

  • Assist and supervise boarding students on weekend activities such as sports, self-study, field trips and other activities that demand supervision.

2. Houseparent

  • Have a good understanding and working knowledge of the Standards for Boarding Schools.

  • Supervise the Assistant Houseparent including clear roles and responsibilities, and periodic Performance Management Review.

  • Develop and manage the Student Leaders, so that they can play an effective leadership role in House.

  • Keep suitable records of students’ progress, welfare, health, emotional problems, achievements and misconduct.

  • Ensure that all stakeholders understand the aims and objectives of boarding, and the principles on which community life is based.

  • Ensure that the personalised needs of each student are identified and communicated to staff as needed, to ensure that student talent and potential are developed and maximised.

  • Ensure the safety and security (including emotional) of all students at all times, including meal times, weekends, and on trips; ensure that adequate contingency arrangements are in place.

  • Liaise with the school Medical team to ensure that students’ medical requirements are properly catered for; to encourage students to adopt a healthy life style.

  • Liaise with parents effectively to support their child’s health, safety, well-being and progress. To ensure that family incidents and problems are brought to the attention of those who need to know.

  • Counsel students at a time and place which is conducive to good communication, concerning any emotional, academic, social or behavioural problems they may have.

  • Perform any other key tasks which the Principal may reasonably assign.

3. EEP Reading and Writing Support Advisor

  • Work closely with students in the English Enrichment Programme in order to support the teachers in their programmes (PYP, MYP, DP). Teach Reading comprehension and Writing for children with poor English skills to support and facilitate their progress.

4. Other Teaching

  • To teach some classes to be identified by the Principal

You shall perform other duties that may be assigned to you by your supervisor from time to time.


  • Salary to commensurate qualification and experience with school’s salary scale

  • One flight in at the beginning of contract and one flight to exit at the end of the contract

  • School Tuition for dependents is fully covered by the school (other fees applies)

  • Housing allowance is provided

  • Professional development is encouraged and depending on the need of the programme

  • Dental benefit

  • Paid school holidays

  • Medical leave allocation

  • Employees Provident Fund allotment

  • Relocation allowance

  • No interest Car loan (subject to approval)

Application for Position:

Please send you application to and include REF: - Application for Position as Houseparent in the subject line of your mail.