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Brief Description of School:

Tokyo West International School is a boutique school located in Hachioji, a suburb of Western

Tokyo. We run our school as a place where children are eager to come every day to play with

friends and enjoy learning in a supportive environment. Our main goal is to have children

enjoy every moment at school. We strive to improve our facilities and educational background

to maintain the highest quality in childhood education. We even have an organic garden on

campus demonstrating our "grow local, soar global" motto.

Main Accountabilities:

The primary role of the classroom teacher is to maximize student learning and

development through the curriculum’s planning, preparation, and teaching to

meet students' individual learning needs and achieve specific student outcomes.

Teachers teach a range of student abilities and classes and are accountable for

effectively delivering their curriculum. In addition, the classroom teacher

engages in critical reflection to improve their knowledge and skills to engage

students better and improve their learning.

Classroom teachers assume roles beyond the classroom in endeavoring to

maximize students' learning. These roles include working collaboratively with

colleagues and other school community members and communicating with

parents and caregivers.

The classroom teacher's contribution to the school goes beyond the classroom.

They participate in developing school policies and programs and assist in

implementing school priorities. All classroom teachers may be required to

undertake other duties besides their teaching duties.

Scope of Responsibility:

  • Planning lessons and sequences of lessons to meet student's individual

  • learning needs and to ensure student's progression

  • Using a range of appropriate strategies for teaching and learning and classroom

  • management

  • Use flexible groupings and structured inquiry to deliver high-quality lessons in

  • line with the IBO philosophy

  • Maintain a well-organized and stimulating learning environment

  • Use learning technologies to enhance learning

  • Using information about prior attainment to set expectations for students

  • Using a range of assessment and reporting methods that show student's

  • achievement in relation to learning outcomes

  • Providing clear and constructive feedback to students and their parents and caregivers

Broader professional roles:

  • Planning and engaging in professional learning activities that support the

  • school and systematic priorities

  • Taking responsibility for own professional development and using the

  • outcomes to improve teaching and students' learning

  • Making an active contribution to the policies and aspirations of the school

  • Ensuring administration of classroom procedures is completed efficiently

  • Collaborating with members of the school community to build a team

  • environment that supports students' learning

Other Responsibilities:

  • Bus Duty

  • Recess duty

  • Relief teacher when colleagues are absent

  • Overnight Trip Chaperone

  • Other duties directed by the supervisor

Application for Position:

Please send your full CV and a cover letter to the following email: and please include: REF: - Application for position as ' Homeroom Teacher - PYP ' in the subject line of your mail.

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