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Northfields is a premier independent co-educational day school in Mauritius which provides an English medium education for over 1200 boys and girls aged between 18 months and 18 years.

Northfields is well known for its traditional values, family atmosphere and sustained emphasis on the holistic development of each pupil.

We are committed to empowering learners to reach their full potential through a holistic education. Our students develop an appreciation for cultural diversity while being prepared to become confident, responsible and active global citizens.

Head of Faculty Science:

Northfields International School is seeking to fill the Head of Faculty – Science.

The selected candidate is expected to ensure the provision of an appropriately broad, balanced, relevant

and differentiated curriculum for pupils studying in the faculty, in accordance with the aims of the school and

the curricular policies determined by SSLT, SMT and Board of Directors by

  • monitoring and analysing pupil progress and raising standards of pupil attainment and achievement across the faculty subject areas;

  • monitoring the work/performance, providing support and direction, and leading the process of appraisal and continuous development of each member of the faculty;

  • being accountable for leading, managing and developing all subjects within the faculty curriculum area; effectively managing and deploying teaching/support staff, financial and physical resources within the faculty to support the aims of the school.

The potential candidate will report to the Assistant Principal – Academics.

Key responsibilities:

Strategic and Operational:

  • To work with colleagues to formulate aims, objectives and strategic plans for the faculty which have

  • coherence and relevance to the needs of pupils and to the aims, objectives and strategic plans of the school.

  • To develop and review syllabi, resources, schemes of work, marking policies, assessment and teaching and learning strategies in the faculty.

  • To actively monitor and follow up pupil progress, including ensuring the implementation of intervention strategies and associated reporting/communication

  • To oversee day-to-day management, control and operation of course provision within the faculty, including effective deployment of staff and physical resources.

  • To foster and oversee the application of ICT in the Faculty in conjunction with the IT Services Manager.

  • To be familiar with, support and implement School Policies and Procedures.

  • To manage the available resources of staff, finance, space and equipment efficiently within the limits, guidelines and procedures laid down, including deploying the faculty budget.


  • To liaise with SSLT to ensure the delivery of an appropriate, comprehensive, high quality and cost-effective curriculum programme which complements the aims, objectives and strategic plans of the School.

  • To be accountable for the development and delivery of the Faculty’s curriculum.

  • To keep up to date with and respond to international developments in the subject area and teaching practice and methodology.

  • To contribute to TOK, CAS, EE Personal project, and other cross-curricular learning activities according to school policy.

Staff Management and Development:

  • To be responsible for the day-to-day management of staff within the designated faculty and act as a positive role model.

  • To be responsible for the efficient and effective deployment of the Faculty's support staff.

  • To undertake Performance Management Review(s) and to act as reviewer for a group of staff within the designated faculty.

  • To mentor other teachers in the subject/level of their speciality.

  • To work with SSLT to ensure that staff development needs are identified and that appropriate programmes are designed to meet such needs.

  • To liaise with the cover coordinator/relevant staff to ensure appropriate cover for lessons/lab support when staff within the faculty are absent.

  • To participate in the interview process for teaching posts when required and to ensure effective induction of new staff in line with School procedures.

  • To ensure the maintenance of accurate and up-to-date information concerning the faculty on the management information system.

  • To work with SSLT and Timetable Coordinator in order to ensure that the Faculty's teaching commitments are effectively and efficiently time-tabled and roomed.

  • To promote teamwork and to motivate staff to ensure effective working relations.

  • To conduct regular audits of staff training needs, plan and budget for accordingly

Quality Assurance:

  • To establish the process of the setting of targets within the faculty and to work towards their achievement.

  • To establish common standards of practice within the faculty and develop the effectiveness of teaching and learning styles.

  • To monitor marking and report-writing within the department and ensure adherence to departmental policy.

  • To contribute to the School procedures for lesson observation.

  • To ensure that the Faculty's quality procedures meet the requirements of the School.

  • To analyse and evaluate, with the faculty, performance data provided and take appropriate action in response.

  • To produce an annual examinations analysis and faculty review as part of the School’s self-evaluation cycle.

  • To contribute as requested to working parties established from time to time to examine and recommend on specific issues.

  • To seek/implement modification and improvement where required.


  • To ensure that all members of the faculty are familiar with faculty aims and objectives within the framework of the School.

  • To hold weekly or bi-weekly meetings with members of the faculty, setting a clear agenda and recording minutes of every meeting.

  • To represent the faculty’s views and interests and disseminate information from Senate meetings to Faculty staff.

  • To ensure effective communication/consultation as appropriate with the parents of pupils.

  • To liaise with partner schools, higher education, industry, examination boards, awarding bodies and other relevant external bodies as required.


To contribute to the School marketing activities coordinated by the Marketing Manager, e.g., aid in the

collection of material for press releases, the School website, social media site and magazine.

To lead the development of effective subject links with the community, attendance where necessary at

liaison events in partner schools and the effective promotion of subjects at Open Days/Information

Evenings and other events.

To apply:

If you are interested, please send you CV to by 18th of May 2024 and include: REF IB School Jobs - Application for as Head of Faculty - Science in the subject of your mail.



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