Description of School:

UWC Red Cross Nordic is a two year residential school for 204 scholarship students aged 16-19, comprising more than 90 nationalities. Admitted students possess a wide variety of prior educational experiences and achievement. All students at UWC Red Cross Nordic study for the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma. The College was opened in 1995 and is financed by public funds from the Nordic countries. It is located on the shores of Flekke fjord in the county of Vestland, Western Norway. A number of our students have first-hand experience of conflict and/or poverty within their home societies. They are selected on merit or potential by UWC National Committees in their home country.

Like the other UWC colleges, UWC Red Cross Nordic is strongly committed to the mission of UWC and strives to deliver a challenging and transformational educational experience to a diverse cross section of students, inspiring them to create a more peaceful and sustainable future.

Description of Position:

UWC Red Cross Nordic seeks a full-time permanent Head of Admissions - immediate start

Student profile:

UWC RCN students are selected on merit or potential by UWC National Committees in their home country. The students are engaged and invested in their UWC experience. A number of our students have first-hand experience of conflict and/or poverty within their home societies. Some have experienced gaps in education. The Admissions Director fulfils an important role of ensuring that students who are admitted to the college are the right fit, and that they are supported with the numerous administrative processes that enable them to enroll with us.

Applicant profile:

A position at UWC Red Cross Nordic is remarkably diverse, challenging, interesting and rewarding. It is, in many respects, a vocation; we are a community responsible for students’ welfare and education, working in a collegial context. The Director of Admissions is a key role, acting as the key liaison between the college and over 140 National Committees and selection organisations. The position is also responsible for continuing to maintain and strengthen our relationship with the numerous regional, national and international bureaucracies that support the acceptance of our international student population.

The College aims to attract applicants for posts from a wide range of backgrounds who are keen to live and work in this beautiful, remote rural and multicultural community.


  • Qualifications at tertiary level in education, higher education, human resource management or similar.

  • Fluency in English.

  • At least two years prior experience of admissions or related fields.

  • Strong demonstrated communication and collaboration skills

  • Strong demonstrated project management and problem solving skills

  • Prior experience of negotiating and working with multiple stakeholders, especially at government level. Preferable:

  • Fluency in Norwegian or willingness to learn

  • Prior experience working in an international environment

  • Prior experience in working in schools

  • A second language, preferably Spanish

  • IT skills and knowledge, particularly with databases

The successful candidate will have convinced us of a willingness to contribute to a demanding and highly stimulating international educational and residential community. There will be a period of transition to ensure seamless handover for this position, while the incumbent works with our current Director of Admissions. UWC Red Cross Nordic is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children, young people and adults. All applicants to the College must be willing to undergo child protection screening, including checks with past employers, and requires that all staff and volunteers share this commitment. The working language of the College is English.

The Head of Admissions, in liaison with the Rektor, is responsible for achieving the strategic goals of enrollment at UWC RCN. This role requires significant independent work, and close liaison with numerous internal and external stakeholders.


The Rektor

According to the organisation map the position is placed under the Rektor.


Other co-workers are:

- Rektor: in the first place in connection with Admissions work.

- Other Central Leadership Team members as designated by the Rektor

- Employees in the department supervised by the Chief Operating Officer, amongst them the booking coordinator and the administrative assistant, employees in the accounts office, Administrative Team Leader . And employees in positions with special independent tasks (counselor, nurse, summer program coordinator, Director of Academics and others)

Power of Attorney

Power of attorney to manage the student support procedures: assessment of students’ need for financial support and give support to those who need it. Follow up on these students. Inform colleagues in relevant positions about the students’ status

1. Networking

1.1. Establish and maintain collaborative and collegial working relationships with a broad range of Norwegian and international bodies including but not limited to UDI, Police, Statens

Lånekassen, local authorities, National Committees, UWC International Office, Admissions Officers in other UWCs.

1.2. Attend regional meetings to represent the admissions profile of RCN to National Committees and to understand the needs and expectations of nominating National Committees.

1.3. Respond to requests for action or information from the International Office in a timely manner.

2. Communications & Marketing

2.1. Annually revise and communicate the RCN Student Profile to all National Committees. 2.2. Annually revise and publish the “Accepted” Handbook for all incoming Year 1s in cooperation with Deputy Rektor, COO, Accountant, School Nurse and others with responsibilities related to the content.

2.3. Annual revise and publish acceptance paperwork including Student Contract, and other documentation as required

2.4. Advertise Vestland scholarships annually.

2.5. Respond to Admissions inquiries and questions in a timely manner

2.6. Ensure that Admissions information on the college website is accurate and up to date.

3. Strategy

3.1. Prepare ADT meeting agendas and chair meetings

3.2. In consultation with CLT and ADT to establish the annual Offer Strategy.

3.3. Ensure that the annual Offer Strategy meets the statutes of the college.

3.4. Liaise with UWC IO to fulfil or modify as needed the annual Offer Strategy.

3.5. Consult with CLT regarding any significant adjustments to the annual Offer Strategy. Highlight in a timely manner and potential barriers or concerns that might impact

3.6. Regularly report to the CLT and the UWC IO regarding financial performance of the annual Offer Strategy.

3.7. Maintain all policies related to student admission.

4. Admissions

4.1. Ensure all admissions applications paperwork is submitted through Open Apply or other agreed portal by selection organisations

4.2. Facilitate GSP initial reviews and interviews in line with IO needs.

4.3. Coordinate Vestland scholarship program.

4.4. Review all application paperwork for meeting minimum requirements, and initial “fit”. 4.5. Flag any concerns to approving Central Leadership Team member.

4.6. Review and verify submitted financial documentation

4.7. Assess and decide which students receive financial support from the college 4.8. Assess and grant pocket money support for students.

4.9. Ensure the positions offered satisfy the gender/bed restrictions of each year group. 4.10. Coordinate with the Head of Wellbeing and the Nurse to for medical assessments 4.11. Coordinate with the Director of Academics and the Learning Support Coordinator for student learning needs assessment.

4.12. Coordinate with the EAL support team member (Pete now) when additional language needs are assessed.

4.13. Advertise and help coordinate the RCN Summer English Language Program 4.14. Communicate Admissions application outcomes to relevant selection committees

4.15. Ensure all admitted students submit required documentation upon acceptance including but not limited to student contracts, medical information, student code of conduct

5. Administrative

5.1. Manage Open Apply for the collection of nominated student data, accepted student information, forms, contracts, users and all communications within.

5.2. Ensure that W4 and Managebac databases are kept up to date with new student information. 5.3. Ensure that W4 Selection Contacts database is up to date.

5.4. Establish and Manage student records system in line with GDPR requirements - 5.5. Liaison State Educational Loan for students: e.g. Lånekassen Norway, CSN Sweden, SU Denmark, SVB Netherlands.

6. Induction & Onboarding

6.1. Develop and Facilitate a virtual introduction meeting schedule for accepted students to be actioned prior to student arrival.

6.2. Liaise with the Director of Academics to ensure that a timely presentation of the Academic Program is made available for subject selections to incoming students.

6.3. Liaise with Deputy Rektor and Student Induction Team regarding Student Induction Week schedule.

6.4. Coordinate with Community Life Leader to ensure that room allocations are established and communicated to UDI prior to student arrival.

6.5. Coordinate with IT to ensure timely establishment and distribution of student emails prior to arrival.

6.6. Liaise with Travel Coordinator regarding travel for students on college travel support. 6.7. Coordinate additional needs for students with physical or other disabilities or barriers, prior to arrival. 6.8. Liaise with Connect staff for timely provision of outdoor clothing for students receiving Student Support.

7. Visas & Immigration

7.1. Support students and families to apply for appropriate visas for entry and or study. 7.2. Support new faculty and staff with visa requirements and processes.

7.3. Facilitate student appointments with local authorities in Forde (police and folkeregister) for granting of visas or study permits.

Application for Position:

Please submit a CV of no longer than two pages, details of at least two referees (including your most recent employer) and a cover letter of no more than two pages. Your cover letter should address the ways in which you would contribute to the academic, residential and extra-academic programmes of the school. Please return by email to the Rektor to Please add REF: - Application for Position as Head Of Admissions in the subject of your email.

Applicants are strongly encouraged to review the following documents prior to submitting an application: