Description of School:

Namseoul University (est. 1994) is

a private, non-profit Christian institution located in Cheonan, South Korea and offering degrees and programs from undergraduate to doctorate levels. It is a leading competitor in providing students with education with an emphasis on innovation and globalization. In 2019, Namseoul University International Graduate School was approved as the first Korean institution to be accredited as an International Baccalaureate DP teacher certification school and is planning to open IBEC classes from 2021 Spring Semester. We are looking to hire a qualified IBEN to head this program and help us to cultivate qualified IB educators.

Description of Position:


International Graduate School, Master of Arts in International Education

Invitational Field International Education - IBEC Program Director - International Baccalaureate Educator Network (IBEN) certified

This position requires communicating with IBO and teaching International Baccalaureate

(IB) license courses in the Master of Arts in International Education program and coordinating practicums with international and Korean schools adopting IB programs. This is a full-time, one-year renewable contract position with a start date in March 1, 2021.


  • Qualified IBEN (Member of IB Educator Network)

  • Knowledge and experiences of teaching in IB school(s) and IB’s Diploma Programme

  • Master’s degree or higher

  • Commitment to teaching and advising graduate students from a wide range of countries and backgrounds

  • Language of Instruction: All courses, programs and activities are conducted in English and English language fluency is a requirement of this position. Fluency or conversational ability in Korean or other languages is a plus

  • Working or teaching experience preferred


Salary: 50 million KRW (approximately $46,000)

Faculty housing

Application for Position:

You must meet the following requirements for foreign faculty to get an E-1 Visa or a visa to work at a university in Korea and submit via online.

  • Cover letter and curriculum vitea with recent passport photo

  • Copies of diploma(s), Certificate(s) and transcript(s) (both undergraduate and graduate courses)

  • Proof of employment (related industries, teaching, research, etc.)

  • Scanned valid passport (Passport photo page) and the foreigner’s alien registration card (ARC) back and front

  • Consent form (to collect Personal Information for job recruitment process)

  • Career certificates

* Successful applicants will need to provide Certificate of academic degree issued by the relevant university (Affixed with an apostille), 5 passport size photos, sealed transcripts and a criminal background check(A criminal background check from your own country's government which covers the whole country's information is required) according to Korean immigration.

Step-by-step selection schedule

  1. Announcement of successful applicants for document screening: Individual notification only for successful applicants until January 15, 2021

  2. Interview screening: Individual notification only for successful applicants between January 18 ~ 20

  3. Announcement of final successful candidates: Individual notification only for successful applicants

In the case of foreign applicants, interviews are conducted after basic and document screening on a separate

screening basis. Each screening result is notified individually to successful applicants.

Submitted documents by mail submission (Online applicants only)

  1. Reception: Academic Affairs Office of the main building, building no.1, room no.L106

(☎ +82-41-580-2402, 2403 / FAX +82-41-580-2679)

  1. Mail submission address: Must arrive before 4 pm (KST) on the deadline--not post marked by the deadline

<Zip code: 31020> 91, Daehak-ro, Seonghwan-eup, Seobuk-gu, Cheonan-si, Chungcheongnam-do, Namseoul University, Academic Affairs Office, Officer for Faculty Appointment

Application via online: For this position, applicant should submit all the requested documents via email as follow:

  • Phone number of the person in charge: +82-41-580-3577/3573/2049

Please submit the requested documents electronically to jyang@nsu.ac.kr and foreigner@nsu.ac.kr both by January 15, 2021 (Fri) 6 pm. Only complete applications will be considered. No paper applications will be accepted. For questions about the position, please contact us: jyang@nsu.ac.kr, foreigner@nsu.ac.kr. Add REF: www.ibschooljobs.com - Application for Position as Full-time Professor (Foreign) in the subject of your email.

Please note:

  • Incomplete documents will not be accepted, and all submitted documents will not be returned (however, research results will be returned in late February 2021)

  • When submitting documents, clearly indicate the category of application, department of application, and field of application

  • Submit certificate(s) in a foreign language with a handwritten translation (degree, transcript, etc.).

  • Foreign professors can be hired as a one-year salary contractor and re-contracted according to the work evaluation

  • If false information is found in the submitted documents, it will be excluded from the examination and the appointment will be cancelled.

  • Duplicate support in the invitation field is not possible.

  • Scheduled Appointment: During winter break (between January 18-20)