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The Arab International Academy was founded in Doha, Qatar in 2016 with the goal of establishing a high-level private international school that provides a challenging and well-rounded international educational experience.

To achieve that goal, we have drawn on the very best of international thinking in our choice of curriculum and approaches to 21st century teaching and learning.

AIA is an International Baccalaureate (IB) World School for the Diploma Programme (DP), the Middle Years Programme (MYP) and the Primary Years Program (PYP).


Nurturing knowledgeable and skilled generations of learners who possess a strong sense of their own identity, approach other cultures with an open mind, and are able to adapt to an ever-changing world.

Mission: Arab International Academy offers a rich and rigorous academic program centered around inquiry-based learning and teaching with a focus on creativity and critical thinking. AIA empowers students to take principled action in an interdependent world that is increasingly reliant on collaboration between individuals and communities.


  • Diploma or equivalent training

  • Good levels of written and spoken English or Arabic (as needed), knowledge in a second language is preferable

  • Ability to work with children

Job Benefits:

  • To be discussed during the interview.

Job Description:


  • To support the homeroom teacher or the specialist teacher in the classroom with the learning activities and classroom management as directed by the teacher.

  • To work with an individual or small group of students as directed by the class teacher and subject teachers.

  • To be proactive with the learning and in conjunction with the class teacher, be ready to change strategy or approach as needed to facilitate learning.

  • To contribute to the well-being of the students in terms of physical, emotional, and social needs.

  • Escort the students with the lead teacher or co-teacher to the different facilities during the school day such as the cafeteria, the lecture hall, and the outdoor yards, and monitor the students under the supervision of the teacher or co-teacher.

  • To help students complete a certain task e.g. zipping the bag, handing a tissue paper, lining up.

  • Escort the child to the nurse and bus.

  • Escort students during breaks to the toilet.

  • To support staff with minor admin tasks when not directly working with students, for example in non-contact time E.g. photocopying, filing, completing records, laminating, cutting, and decorating bulletin boards from 6:30 am to 3:00 pm.

  • To help decorate the bulletin boards during school events.

  • To prepare and store general resources required for year groups.

  • To accompany students on school trips where appropriate and ensure to follow school policy regarding reading, understanding, and following the trip documentation.

  • Supervise students during breaks (including before and after school).

  • To assist students in the toilet e.g. (cleaning the child after using the toilet, changing clothes and helping in hand washing)

  • Carry out any other tasks of a similar nature as directed by the Class Teacher, including being flexible to support in other classes or areas of the school as and when required.

  • Perform other duties requested by the school management team (Supervisor, curriculum coordinator, PYP coordinator, and primary principal).


Please apply for the position via the school's website:


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