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Description of School:

UWC-USA is an international boarding school. It enrolls up to 240 students in grades 11 and 12. All students follow the IB Diploma Program. Roughly twenty percent of the students come from the U.S.; the remainder represent more than 90 different countries. Students are admitted on the basis of merit, potential, and promise.

Description of Position:

United World College-USA is seeking an IBDP English A: Language and Literature and Group 3 teacher (Economics, Global Politics or History, depending on area of expertise). The ideal applicant will hold a Master’s degree in a related field and have at least three (3) years’ experience teaching in the IB Diploma Programme. A demonstrated commitment to the UWC mission and values is essential.

Favorable consideration will be given to applicants with experience in residential school settings and all applicants should be willing to be engaged in residential life and experiential education. Experience and knowledge of the UWC movement is a plus.

Academic Responsibilities

IB Teaching This full-time Instructor is responsible for teaching two classes of English A:Language and Literature classes and two classes of one Group 3 subject, depending on the area of expertise of the instructor.

Course Content and Assessment The teacher is responsible for covering the required course content and assessing student performance based upon a standard set of requirements and criteria provided by the IB.

Grades and Reports The teacher will compile grades and write a narrative report for each student in their classes at designated times of the year. Teachers are to track grades and attendance using PowerSchool and Schoology (the affiliated LMS) .

Invigilation During examinations teachers are expected to invigilate their own exams and, during the IB examinations in May, full-time teachers are expected to invigilate approximately 12 hours of exams.

Extended Essays All teachers are expected to supervise Extended Essays (EE). The EEs are research topics developed by students which result in an essay of approximately 4,000 words and involving four to six hours of work for the supervisor. There are three mandatory reflection sessions that must be completed. Teachers may be asked to supervise Extended Essays in subjects that they do not teach if there are not any in their given subject.

General Responsibilities

Experiential Education (ExEd) All faculty members each year sponsor activities that fulfill the ExEd and campus service requirements of UWC-USA, assist with the student generation of digital portfolios (as part of advising) and participate in annual events that are designated at the beginning of the school year in August.

Residential Duty: All faculty and staff who have school-provided housing (regardless of the location of that housing) are expected to assist with residential duty regularly.

Meetings All full-time faculty are to attend all employee meetings, faculty meetings, faculty professional development sessions, department meetings, and all-school assemblies.

Orientation and Post-Graduation: All faculty are expected to arrive on campus in August before classes begin to participate in Orientation, and to remain on campus after Graduation to participate in faculty professional development, completion of grades and reports, and/or culminating activities.

Professional Development: All IB teachers are expected to participate in IB workshops specific to their discipline on a regular basis to stay up on curricular developments. Teachers new to the IB are expected to participate in a Category 1 workshop as early as possible after they have been hired at UWC USA’s expense. Apart from IB-sponsored workshops, teachers are expected to participate in professional development related to their other program responsibilities and the UWC-USA mission more broadly.

Leadership All UWC-USA employees are expected to provide varying levels of leadership in order to support the UWC mission. Examples include but are not limited to:

  • Demonstrating a growth mindset by believing and acknowledging that intelligence, skills, learning and creativity can all grow with time and experience.

  • In all interactions, upholding the UWC mission and values, and creating an environment that promotes and values diversity, equity and inclusion.

Application for Position:

To apply, complete an application form. Applications will be accepted until the position is filled. The successful candidate is required to either be vaccinated, as vaccines are available, or provide a medical or religious waiver, prior to starting this position at UWC-USA.

The successful candidate is required to either be vaccinated, as vaccines are available, or provide a medical or religious waiver, prior to starting this position at UWC-USA.

In accord with our mission, UWC-USA seeks to prepare students to be catalysts for a more peaceful and sustainable world. Two core practices, the constructive engagement of conflict and integral sustainability (including a goal of carbon neutrality by 2030), are centering forces for our programming and operations. In your application, please elaborate on your interest, experience, or understanding of these core practices and discuss how you would hope to contribute to them in your role.

UWC-USA does not discriminate in its educational programs, activities, or admission and employment practices based on race, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, disability, age, religion, ancestry, or any other legally protected class.

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