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December 13, 2019




Mingdao High School is an esteemed private school with a rich tradition in Taichung City, central Taiwan. In June 2018, the Mingdao High School International Department (MDID) became authorized to offer the DP, thus becoming the first IB World School in Taichung City. MDID was authorized to offer MYP in January 2019. All MDID programs are offered in English.

Students and teachers at MDID have access to a wealth of resources to support learning and cultivate creativity -- from sports facilities to state-of-the-art laboratories and maker spaces, not to mention a TEDx stage. For more information, please visit the school website.


Description of Position:

MDID seeks faculty members who share the IB philosophy to mold lifelong learners. Previous IB experience is ideal, but not mandatory. Some knowledge about the IB, MYP and DP are absolutely essential, though.

Working Hours: Monday~Friday 7:50am~5:10pm

Teaching Hours: 18hr/week; Homeroom Teachers: 16hr/week



Interested parties need to have the following in order to teach in Taiwan:

  • A valid state- or country-issued teaching license

  • Official language of your country (nationality) includes English

  • At least two years teaching experience in an accredited secondary school

  • Experience in the specific subject areas they are applying for




  • Graduate and postgraduate degrees, as well as previous IB experience, are preferred but not mandatory. 

  • Basic knowledge about the IB, MYP and DP are absolutely essential.


Other advantages for candidates include:

  • Employing student-centered and inquiry-based learning

  • Designing authentic assessments

  • Research writing and speaking skills in English

  • Empathy, resilience, and grit as part of habits 

  • Collaboration across different levels and subjects of expertise

  • Leadership and project management

  • Experience with English language learners


Successful candidates are expected to:


  • Implement the curriculum to students, mindful of the six approaches to teaching skills in their delivery.

  • Encourage good learning habits by modeling the IB approaches to learning skills.

  • Design appropriate learning experiences that match with student needs -- differentiating to maximize student learning.

  • Design assessments -- both formative and summative -- that prepare the students for formal assessments.

  • Develop international-mindedness in the students while maintaining the respect and ties to local culture.

  • Improve language proficiency through subject-specific communication.


Interested parties may look into http://www.mdid.info/careers.





Salary Range: 32,000~44,000 USD a year depending on the qualifications

Teachers with additional relevant credentials will be compensated accordingly.


1. Airfare- 1,000USD per year *Reimbursed for actual expenses.

2. Working Permit

3. Health insurance

4. Labor insurance

5. Assistance in processing visa

6. Contract Completion Bonus

7. School Bus

8. Lunch Supplement Fee

9. Housing Allowance- Maximum amount approximately 4,000USD for a single teacher per year and 8,000 USD for a couple living together per year (Both MDID Teachers)

*reimbursed for actual expenses.

10. IB professional development training



Application for Position:


Please send your application to careers@ms.mingdao.edu.tw and include REF: www.ibschooljobs.com - Application for Position as I and S Teacher - DP in the subject line of your mail.




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